That awkward moment when you cancel your gym membership.

Yesterday I cancelled my gym membership and the conversation with the manager left me feeling a little bit salty. Mind you, I gave this decision a LOT of thought. I mean really, I have probably given less consideration to more important things. Now I know it’s about sales (and that it’s not personal) but I really don’t like being underminded or made to feel like I don’t value my health because it’s a good decision to not pay for something I’m not using.
And for Pete’s sake please don’t remind me about the PRECIOUS CHILDREN. I feel like that Madea meme when someone reminds me about THE CHILDREN. I know I have kids. And trust me, the weight of being a good freakin example to them is crippling sometimes.
But really, that doesn’t even apply. My kids can’t see me exercising at the gym, so that doesn’t make sense. I guess because they know I’m there to exercise? Although I have contemplated dropping them off and popping a squat with a magazine in one of the chairs for two hours. Hey, it’s my time!
Then there was the “you need time for you pitch.”I literally said it’s a drag bringing them to the gym. I just don’t wanna. And maybe it’s the depression talking but I actually started this entire conversation with “I am overwhelmed with life and need to take something off my plate.” I need one less obligation, one less thing to feel bad about. And an extra $45/month.
So now I feel all revenge oriented to show this guy that I’m going to be successful even without his gym. Which is silly because he totally doesn’t care, lol. The whole business model exists on people paying for it and not using it. And when everyone does use it in January it’s an absolute cluster.
When I asked for the cancellation form at the desk, I pictured the guy thinking, well have fun being fat! Which would be hilarious to me, for some reason. But the funny thing is I actually have been exercising. I walk about an hour a day at work and when I get home, I’m usually in a Nerf war or walking to the park pulling a 60 lb wagon. I have a fitbit and try not to sit too long especially on “lazy” days so I’ll do a walking workout DVD or step workout on Youtube. Most importantly though, I am tracking my food.  I’ve lost weight with and without a gym membership. It’ll definitely be a new challenge with two kids. And I can always re-join if I decide it’s a good fit in the future.
But for now, I’m going to make it work on my own. Still have an active lifestyle and exercise when it’s not so active.
Game on Ernie. Game on.

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